Sean Darin (Zsolt Szepesi) is an Eastern European producer with international influence. Experimenting with EDM, pop and future bass, he’s a standout act. Sean Darin has released songs on the labels of successful artists like Armin van Buuren, Celldweller and the late and great Avicii. Through his unique beats and sound production, he is able to convey subconscious emotion, showing both light and dark sides with ease.


Sean Darin started producing beats in 2013 and it took off from there. To get more press he participated in various competitions and gained important connections. His 2014 track “Don’t U Mind” landed on the Italian national hitlist. A year later he produced the Dusk Till Dawn project; his single, “Sit and Wait” has acquired 9 million plays on Spotify. 2016 was a breakout year, his remixes became some of the most played songs of the year on the national streaming platforms.


In the past years beside the coolest clubs in the capital, Sean Darin played in bigger cities in Hungary, Serbia, Netherlands, Slovakia, Germany and also in Moscow.


In 2018 when visited Los Angeles he shot a nice road-
movie. Later these memories were edited to the music video for his brandnew song named “California” which was published in July 2018 on the international Schubert Music Publishing and Ride Records.
“California” shows that there’s a parallel between the love he has for a woman and the love for the motherland you leave.
The California videoclip was streamed by more music televisions in the U.S., like H2o Television New York and Music City Arts Nashville