Zsolt Szepesi, aka Sean Darin is not only an active member of Hungarian pop
culture, but with his unique style, he also has a great influence on it.


Being one of the busiest producers in Hungary, he started his electronic
music project in 2013 with his first remix, which was released by the famous
Holland-based record label Armada, owned by Armin van Buuren.


So far two of his own songs has been published. In 2014 “Don’t you
mind” which featured  in the 58th place of the Italian national top list and “Bad
Luck” in 2016 which made it to the annual Hungarian videoclip survey.


In 2017 when in Los Angeles for business reasons he shot a nice road-
movie.  Later these memories were edited to the music video for his brand
new song named “California” which was published in July 2017 on the
international Schubert Music Publishing and Ride Records.


This autumn he will release his new song named “Burn” and an another
interesting composition with an Itailan singer, Serena Rigacci.


Also this autumn he is planning on releasing a brand new EP.


Amongst his international successes there is one extremely prominent: for the
first time in Hungary, he had the most Spotify listeners (9 million)  with the “Sit
and Wait” song which was was released by the Avicii’s label (PRMD)


In the past years beside the coolest clubs in the capital, Sean Darin played in
bigger cities in Hungary, Serbia, Netherlands, Slovakia, Germany and also in